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Decorated Hair Vine

Decorated Hair Vine

  • Silver
  • Silver textured leaves
  • Clusters of crystal beads
  • Clusters of pearls
  • Small enamelled ivory flowers
  • Loop at either end for pinning into hair
  • Comes complete with ribbons
  • Ribbons can be removed or changed for another colour
  • 33cms long
  • Can be woven into hair, worn as a band, worn as a brow band
  • Delicate

A beautiful, delicate looking, silver coloured, relaxed hairvine, with ribbons to add to the Boho look. The vine is 33cms long, and is decorated with beautiful leaves of enamel, or filigree finish. The pearls are clustered into little groups of flowers, with some very beautiful beadwork.

Some of the ivory pearls have been replaced with very pale peach pearls, giving the piece warmth and depth of colour.  There are also some sparkly little diamante flowers with pearl centres, giving little pinpoints of light and interest, adding to that already created by the diamantes, handwired into this gorgeous piece.

The ribbons give it a relaxed feel, and can be woven into the hairstyle. The vine is very adaptable, giving the bride a range of hairstyle options. She could wear it as a circlet on top of her hair style. It is perfect for a long curly style worn this way.

It can be woven and intertwined with hair in a plait, or even woven into a loose, messy bun at the back.

It can be wrapped round a side ponytail, elevating a simple hairstyle from the ordinary to another higher level.

The ribbons can be removed and the piece pinned directly into the hair. They can also be changed for a different colour, perhaps to match the dresses of the bridesmaids.

It is also available in gold.

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Product variations
Gold Hairvine
Colour: Gold
Type: Hairvine
Silver Hairvine
Colour: Silver
Type: Hairvine


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(Set: pearl)
Diamante and Pearl Bracelet Diamante and Pearl Bracelet
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